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When and Where
  • Nashville Chapter
  • 5/21/2024 1:30 PM PDT
  • 5/21/2024 4:30 PM PDT
  • Tee Line Nashville
  • Nashville
  • Tennessee
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Timing equity communications properly is part art/part science assuring you are reaching employees with the right information at the right time. Get it wrong? Unread emails and multi-tasking webinar attendees await. Get it right and something ‘clicks’ and you have an equity fan for life. This interactive session will walk through the lifecycle of awards and programs and pair the concepts with the many different ways to reach your audience.

Attendees will be able to download a free 16-page implementation guide with tips, sample calendars and examples, and whether you are a DIY-er or you have an education budget that makes you blush, you’ll have the makings of a plan to finish 2024 strong, and be ready to make 2025 the year everything ‘clicks’ for your employees.


  • 3:30-3:45: Arrival to Teeline/brief networking
  • 3:45-4:30: Chapter meeting/presentation
  • 4:30-6:30: Social event at Tee Line Nashville (ice curling!)

Speaker details:

John Hammond, CEP FGE

Aon Equity Services


John Hammond is an Associate Partner with Aon Equity Services leading the Communications Practice which focuses primarily on video and print material creation and employee education in the equity and broader compensation space. John has been in the equity plan space for 25 years and was the founder and CEO of bendystraw llc which Aon acquired in 2017. Prior to joining the equity plan industry, John was a financial planner and advisor for 10 years.

John has been a speaker at a variety of meetings and conferences on a wide range of issues surrounding equity compensation, communication, administration, and reporting requirements. John has been an active member of NASPP since 1999, having attended every in-person conference since that year. John has been a member of GEO since shortly after its formation in 1999, attending its first international conference in 2000 and having been a speaker at international events on 3 continents.

John has served in a variety of industry leadership roles including NASPP officer roles and president of both the Philadelphia and Carolina chapters. John served as a member of the NASPP Executive Advisory Committee for 6 years and received a NASPP 10-year service award in 2017 and an Individual Achievement Award in 2018. Additionally, John earned his Certified Equity Professional (CEP) designation in 2000 and served on the CEP Advisory Board from 2010 – 2017 and chaired the board from 2013 – 2014. John became a Fellow of Global Equity in 2020, recognized for his high level of experience, significant industry knowledge and ability, and for his positive impact on the global share ownership community.