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When and Where
  • Seattle Chapter
  • 4/23/2024 11:30 AM PDT
  • 4/23/2024 1:00 PM PDT
  • Moss Adams LLP
  • Seattle
  • Washington
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Moss Adams will be discussing how companies drive operational excellence with reconciliation automation for payroll and beyond. This will include a focus on the various approaches to reconciliations with specific examples from their experiences. Moss Adams will also discuss the level of effort and impacts from automating reconciliations and how these tools can be utilized to automate other business processes such as data formatting and reporting. Finally, the presenters will discuss how to scale automation efforts to continue to drive operational excellence.

Meeting Objectives:

The following topics will be addressed during the presentation:

  • Overview of payroll reconciliation challenges and reviews of various approaches to addressing these challenges  
  • Benefits of automated and increased frequency of payroll and other reconciliations, updating for changes rapidly and avoiding costs associated with downstream errors
  • Utilize analytic process automation to streamline processes beyond reconciliations such as automated journal entry formatting, international payroll formatting
  • Scale automation efforts and streamline additional processes with analytic and robotic process automation to automate more end-to-end processes.


Joleen Lawson, CEP

Senior Consultant, Moss Adams

Joleen is a Senior Consultant at Moss Adams, where she specializes in equity management automation. With her background in Industrial Engineering, Joleen utilizes her process improvement skills and CEP knowledge to help clients streamline their equity compensation processes. She works with clients across a variety of industries, including technology, healthcare, and finance, to design and implement technology-based solutions that align with their business goals and objectives. Joleen received a BA in Industrial and Systems Engineering from the University of Washington, Seattle and is a Certified Equity Professional.


Matt McKittrick, CEP

Partner, Moss Adams

Matt has provided consulting for business processes, applications, and data analytics solutions since 1995. He helps his clients address regulatory and compliance challenges and leads cross-functional teams comprised of human resources, accounting, tax, and data management professionals to solve the challenges created by regulation. Matt consistently leverages his experience in business process controls, IT audit, data management, and application development to help his clients build comprehensive, resilient, auditable, and well-documented solutions to address recordkeeping and regulatory challenges.


Over the last decade, Matt has dedicated much of his career to solving complex employee stock-based compensation data conversion, accounting, and tax challenges. He is a Certified Equity Professional and has deep experience working with the major equity administration platforms (Charles Schwab, E*TRADE, Fidelity, Solium, Certent, and Morgan Stanley). Matt specializes in addressing high-risk merger, divestiture, and corporate transaction support; data conversion and setup due to vendor or platform changes; federal income tax provision setup; and implementing US and global tax mobility tracking functionality.


In recent years, Matt has spearheaded the utilization of advanced data visualization tools in the financial accounting and stock-based compensation industry. These tools have helped his clients further unlock the value of their data by enabling them to quickly monitor trends and risks as well as identify and correct gaps and errors within their underlying data platform.